Lions International District 4-L4

LIONS District 4-L4
Orange County &
Parts of Los Angeles &
San Bernardino Counties

"Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People"

The Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence (LPCCI) is the Lions Foundation formed in 1983 to provide financial and service support to Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs for people with physical, developmental and hearing disabilities. Whether it’s turning on a light switch for a wheelchair user or alerting a person who is deaf to the sound of a fire alarm, Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs help make selfsufficient living a reality. With their Canine Companion, hundreds of people with disabilities are now experiencing freedom and true independence – a lifestyle that many only dream about!LPCCI has member clubs, awards and sponsorship programs and assists clubs in organizing fundraising activities to support Canine Companions. In addition, many Lions, Lioness and Leos are active puppy raisers and breeder-caretakers for the program that provides exceptional dogs for exceptional people. For a program, call the LPCCI National Office.

LPCCI Club Membership Pledges:

0-20 members$100   41-60 members$200
21-40 members$15061-80 members$250
81 or more$300

LPCCI National Office
Sarah Haberthur, Administrator
P.O. Box 3896
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
B (707) 577-1774 or
B (877) 865-7224
F (707) 577-1711

Lion Martha Hebert, Co-Chair
5035 Kingsley St., Montclair, CA 91763
H (909) 624-8670 C (909) 263-3755
(Ontario-Upland Lions)

Lion John Trevennen II, Co-Chair
16302 Duchess Ln.,
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(Huntington Beach Lions)

2015-1016 Cris Gerard, President
B (916) 715-8199

IRC 501 (c)(3) public nonprofit organization
Federal lD #94-2878307