Lions International District 4-L4

LIONS District 4-L4
Orange County &
Parts of Los Angeles &
San Bernardino Counties

Club of the Year Contest

April 1st 2015 - March 31, 2016 (unless otherwise noted)

Minimum Qualifications below must be met:

  1. President. Secretary AND Treasurer ALL must attended 2015/2016 New Officer Training.
  2. President & Secretary attended all 2015/2016 Zone, Region and District meetings or have at least 2 members present that are substitute for these officers.
  3. 2% Membership growth (Minimum 1 New Member if 2% is less than 1) – based on July 1st membership numbers.
  4. 1 successful club fundraisers
  5. 1 successful club project (Not Fundraiser and NOT #7 or #10)
  6. Club Participation in or donation to two 4L4 District projects listed in district book
  7. Club Participation in at least one project that is part of International President Jitsuhiro Yamada's theme "Dignity, Harmony & Humanity" (Support and brightening the outlook of Children in Hospitals, Addressing the needs of hungry children, a joint project with an International Club or a club twinning, Expanding your current RAP program or Add a RAP program or protecting the environment)
  8. Contribution to LCIF of at least $100
  9. Minimum 200 Eye Glasses collected
  10. 1 Community Service event in your local community (not part of #1, #7 or #5)
  11. 6 Successful visits to other clubs meetings and form submitted to Cabinet Secretary and Visitation Chairperson (July 1st 2015 – March 31, 2016 and not part of Governor’s Visitation)
  12. 4 Successful visits to other clubs activity and form submitted to Cabinet Secretary and Visitation Chairperson
  13. Secretary filed LCI MMR and Activities reports online by deadline & submitted copies to District Cabinet by deadlines. (July 1st 2015 – March 31, 2016)
  14. International dues paid by August 15th 2015 AND February 15th 2016
  15. MD4 Dues paid by September 15th 2015 AND March 15th 2016